Ah, yes, the proverbial romantic getaway…

It’s become synonymous with Valentine’s Day, just like chocolates and red roses, especially in the UK. So, where are the couples going?

The top romantic UK destination in 2015 was unsurprisingly, London. On trivago, it enjoyed almost 15 % of traveller’s hotel clicks. More surprisingly, Manchester took the 2nd spot. Edinburgh came in 3rd. All UK destinations. But most are travelling on the isle. So the question is: Are they staying at your hotel?  If not, we can help you with that.

Couples are actively searching trivago for their ideal Valentine’s stay, right now.

Let’s put that into perspective. According to our data from 2015, UK-based trivago users searched for their Valentine’s getaway between December 1st and the big day. More specifically, Valentine’s enjoys 70 % more traffic from potential travellers than the typical late January or early February weekend does.

Also, almost 6,000 people in the UK used trivago to search for last minute* Valentine’s getaways. Although that number pales in comparison to the overall search results, the willingness of last-minute shoppers to spend more is definitely worth noting.  How much more? About 16 %.  We know this because the average clicked-on price, by travellers, was just over £ 122. On a normal day it is only £ 105.

Don’t miss out on these travellers. Instead, catch their eye by taking advantage of this knowledge and optimising your online presence to attract them.

Here are a handful of easy-to-implement tips for your website and social media accounts. These will work to get your property noticed among love birds. We’ve also included a few tips for trivago hotel profiles should you have one as well.


If you haven’t done so recently, upload  current images of your hotel amenities to your website. Put yourself in the traveller’s shoes and select photos that will attract those looking to relax with a loved one. For example, high-quality images depicting your pool, hot tub, spa and/or honeymoon suite are ideal. Have a fireplace? How about a restaurant? Consider pictures of those as well.

Don’t neglect your online hotel profile either. For more tips about working with quality images, look here.

As for social media, feel free to share photos showing  couples at your hotel, should you have the right to publish them.  The rule of thumb: on social media, be social. When possible, using pictures of people is a great way to achieve this.

Hotel Details

Does your website take all of your amenities into consideration? How about your metasearch profile?

Just finished renovating your property? Let potential guests know by updating your online assets now. To save time, you can start by adding new hotel details. When you do, keep couples in mind. In the future, review and update your hotel details as often as you do your seasonal rates. This helps to ensure that you haven’t missed anything.

When it comes to your website, you may want to consider re-ordering your list of amenities. Keep in mind that you do not have to do this for online hotel profiles like trivago due to their layout. It is a good practice for websites though. It helps to keep them relevant and attract seasonal guests who are scanning your amenities.  By updating amenity listings with couples in mind, you help to ensure that travellers see the ones that apply most for Valentine’s.

Hotel Type

Do you think that your hotel is well-suited for couples, newlyweds, honeymooners, or party-goers? Let them know. Tell them in your online profile descriptions. Next,  show them with your photos on social media. Channels like Facebook are helpful here, especially if you have quality images of people who fit the demographic that you wish to attract.


Include accurate information about all available room types, from double rooms to honeymoon suites. Photos of each room type are beneficial to include on your website, social media channels and online hotel profiles.


We know that those in search of romantic getaways for the 14th of February are typically not spending more than they would any other weekend. So, it may be valuable for you to consider offering an attractive rate to get more bookings now. You can use your website, social media and online hotel profiles to communicate deals to potential travellers right away. And you should. For example, provide an incentive for those who book early (i.e. prior to February) such as 10 % off.

+ bonus tip

Already doing the above? Looking for something extra to make your hotel the most sought after this Valentine’s?

Here’s an extra, affordable tip… Include a complimentary bottle of bubbly or of wine.

It doesn’t cost much, maybe £ 8 retail. That said, it might do the trick! And if you do decide to include something extra, mention it ahead of time to attract more travellers to your offer.

Also, you may want to consider advertising this extra incentive to travellers one week after Valentine’s too. Not everyone is available to celebrate on the day of. Some people are potentially more interested in a deal or avoiding crowds. Whatever the reason, trivago’s data shows that, although travel is slower in late January and February, there is a significant spike in hotel search for the Valentine’s weekend and the one after it. In the UK, even more people are looking for hotels on the weekend of the 21st than the 14th. So there’s value in continuing to convince travellers that your hotel is the romantic getaway that they’ve been searching for this winter, even after the official weekend.

PRO TIP: Use ‘Hotel News’ to get your message out. It’s free for PRO Hotel Manager users too.

This feature helps you tell your story, and it’s simple to use. Within minutes of activating it, you’re sharing your property’s exclusives with potential guests.

Offering deals for Valentine’s and beyond? Have an idyllic spa that guests will love in the colder months? When you upload these messages, trivago travellers will see your updates right next to your contact details in trivago search. You can edit your Hotel News as often as you like, and it’s suggested that you do just that to keep it fresh and differentiate yourself from the local competition.

For Valentine’s, you can use a message like this:

“Fancy a romantic getaway for two this Valentine’s? We’ve got the perfect room waiting for you. It’s warm, cosy and comes with a complimentary bottle of one of our favourite wines.” Want to avoid the crowds? We’ll save you a bottle when you visit us on the following weekend.”

Feel free to try other incentives that come to mind. Regardless of the way you choose to promote this Valentine’s, don’t forget to share your questions and suggestions in the comments section below.

Want to take your hotel listing from generic to romantic? Share your unique Hotel News today.

*We’re defining last minute as within 24 hours of arrival at the hotel.


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