Looking for a way to gain more online exposure? Appearing on trivago’s metasearch is a simple step towards reaching a large audience of potential guests.

Maybe you’re already on trivago

Visit trivago to search for your property and see if this is the case. If you list your room rates through an online travel agent (OTA) or booking site, it’s possible that you already appear on trivago’s hotel metasearch without even knowing it.

Why is this? trivago’s metasearch compares prices and information from over 180 booking sites, enabling travellers to find thorough hotel information in one place without wasting time searching on different channels. Sites cooperating with trivago send us all of your room prices and information (images, amenities, policies etc). This content then forms the basis for your hotel’s profile on trivago. Although room rates are displayed in live time, the content is only provided in the initial data feed by the OTA.

This information is integral to selling the hotel and its rooms. As such, it is the responsibility of hoteliers to maintain their hotel’s profile to keep information accurate and attractive. Hotel profiles can be managed through a free account on trivago Hotel Manager.

But what if you aren’t on trivago?

Your hotel’s appearance on trivago is determined by the OTAs with whom you work. It’s advised to partner with several OTAs to increase the chances of appearing with availability in the search results.

An alternative option is to set up a paid connection through Rate Connect, which allows you to list your own website’s rates on trivago. The only requirement is that you have an Internet booking engine (IBE) solution on your official website, provided by a company that fully provides Rate Connect.

As soon as you are advertising rates on a booking site, the next step is to register on trivago Hotel Manager for free. Within your account, you can add a profile for your hotel in our system and then begin creating a content-rich profile.

Matilde Serôdio

Born and raised in Lisbon, Matilde is trivago’s Global Workshops and Webinars Specialist. She’s a people person at heart and an expert in tourism management for online travel. Prior to joining trivago, she worked for a portfolio of premium golf and business resorts. While there, exceptional customer service became her core focus. She’s here to share her tips with you, improve your hotel’s online reputation and boost your direct bookings. Post by post and webinar by webinar.

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