On 7 June we streamed our very first live talk, “Hoteliers Are Struggling to Compete Online – Here’s Why,” from our headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, to hospitality professionals around the globe.

Couldn’t attend or need a refresher on the key information? No problem: Industry Manager Natalie Gardner’s presentation was captured on film and can be found on  trivago Live video streaming on YouTube.  Head over there to gain more insight into the following challenges that hoteliers are struggling with:

  1. Technology is difficult to access – it’s too expensive and not intuitive
  2. Booking engines are not competitive – they’re not user-friendly, and are filled with poor content and unattractive rates
  3. Direct marketing platforms are too complex – hoteliers lack marketing resources and expertise, and channels are not tailored to hoteliers’ capabilities


Following her presentation, Natalie was joined onstage by Johannes Thomas and Frank Martin to explore this topic further.

Frank Martin and Johannes Thomas

Johannes and Frank answered questions submitted by our virtual attendees, giving their expert opinions on what they think are the best ways to overcome these challenges.

What do trivago and Base7booking do to help hoteliers in overcoming their struggles online?

Johannes answered that over the past year, trivago has built up a dedicated business team focused entirely on alleviating hoteliers’ pains by working towards three key solutions:

  1. Understanding the needs of hotel managers better, and finding ways to meet these needs.
  2. Being available to hoteliers: trivago has established a team of specialists from around the world to assist and support all hoteliers, no matter which language they speak or what market they’re in. These specialists are helping hoteliers optimise their marketing, fine-tune their profile, increase their exposure, and improve their ranking on trivago while running direct marketing campaigns.
  3. Becoming simpler, to enable hoteliers to navigate trivago successfully and make the most of it to grow their businesses online.


In his answer, Frank Martin (a former hotelier himself) said that while running his hotel, there wasn’t really a product out there for him when it came to managing his property efficiently and effectively. So he created his own property management system (PMS).

It began with Post-it notes and Excel, he explained, and over the years it evolved into what we now know as Base7booking.

Base7booking is run by hoteliers, for hoteliers. The team behind the cloud-PMS is focused on developing the features that have been specifically requested by hotels, Frank added. It’s what makes this PMS practical and intuitive for small and medium hotel properties. With this business approach, crowdsourcing information is key in order to know where to go next.

Curious about what else Johannes and Frank had to say? Get more on these and other insights from the trivago Live launch by watching the video recording of the talk below.

Matilde Serôdio

Born and raised in Lisbon, Matilde is trivago’s Global Workshops and Webinars Specialist. She’s a people person at heart and an expert in tourism management for online travel. Prior to joining trivago, she worked for a portfolio of premium golf and business resorts. While there, exceptional customer service became her core focus. She’s here to share her tips with you, improve your hotel’s online reputation and boost your direct bookings. Post by post and webinar by webinar.

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