Every time I travel with the family, I notice how tough it can be to find places that can accommodate groups of three or more. But it shouldn’t be this way. Families make for highly lucrative guests, since they’ve got more people to budget for (compared to single- or double-room occupants). By positioning your hotel as family friendly, you can attract more families to your business and boost your profits. Minor tweaks to your current marketing strategy can get you started. Here are seven time- and cost-effective ways to position your hotel as a family-friendly one.

Your website is your storefront: Use it to attract families

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Right now, there are people on the computer planning their family’s next trip. They’re browsing flight itineraries, comparing offers, allocating their budget, and looking for the ideal family-friendly hotel. They happen upon your hotel website. But if your property, as it’s portrayed online, doesn’t strike them as being family friendly, they’ll look elsewhere. So what can you do to make sure your website gets families to book instead of bounce? Display on your homepage high-quality images of families enjoying the best your property has to offer.

Social media is your friend: Use images of families to attract them

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In line with the above point, to attract families your full online presence—and not just your website—has to illustrate them enjoying your accommodations. Entice families to your hotel by posting on Facebook pictures of parents and kids relaxing in your suites, playing in your pool (if you have one), and sharing meals together. Such images will resonate with family members perusing their social media feeds. The more charming and authentic the pictures, the better.

Communicate the family-friendly conveniences you already offerfresh baked cookies on a tray

You don’t need to redo your entire business model to position your hotel as family friendly. Instead, highlight the small things you already offer that you know Mom, Dad, and the whole family will appreciate. Hospitality, convenience, and affordability are chief among them. For example, if you welcome guests and their little ones with a fresh baked treat upon check-in, communicate this family-friendly perk online. Have a restaurant? Let small children dine for free at lunch or dinner—and mention that on your website. It will emphasise both the hospitality and the affordability of your accommodation to families browsing hotels online.

Study the competition: Promote family-friendly hotel rates and packages
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Family guests differ from your business, leisure, and weekend-getaway guests in that they’ll need capacity for more people. If you aim to be a family-friendly hotel, you can’t focus on advertising single- and double-occupancy rooms alone. You’ll need to prominently display rates for your family rooms as well. Not sure how to price those rooms or where to promote those rates? Check out our rate shopper feature, which lets you keep track of your competitors’ pricing for family rooms, among other things. And Rate Connect could be just the solution you’re looking for if you want to place your own family-room rates on your hotel profile.

Leverage local attractions and create sample itinerariesa family takes a selfie

When searching online for family-friendly hotels, parents are also concerned with how to keep the entire family entertained throughout the duration of the vacation—especially the kids. If they can’t find things to do near your hotel, they’re likely to bounce from your website. And then they’ll book rooms in a hotel that advertises its proximity to family-oriented points of interest. Don’t let that happen. Dedicate a page of your website to local highlights and include a sample itinerary for family excursions.

Include the whole family: Let guests know their pooch is welcome tooa little girl's legs hang from a couch next to her dog

So many families have a furry friend who’s basically part of the family. And if it’s a family vacation, leaving a member behind isn’t always an option. Not only would they be sorely missed, but finding a pet sitter or boarding kennel can be tough and costly. Help families solve their pet-sitting issues by letting them know online that the family dog is also welcome. Don’t forget to tell them about the doggie treats and water bowls you provide as well.

Use your online profiles to show families how suitable your hotel is for themtwo little girls swimming in a pool with pink sunglasses

After you’ve added family-friendly hotel images to your website, targeted families on social media, mentioned group attractions, competitively priced and prominently promoted your family-room rates, communicated your conveniences, and welcomed the dog, there’s one more step you can take to let travellers know that your hotel is family friendly. Say so right on your hotel metasearch profiles. With trivago, you can create your hotel profile for free and it takes only minutes to set up. After that, just go to Hotel  Information > Basic Information > Best suited for… and check mark the “Families” filter. Whenever someone searches for family-friendly accommodation, your hotel will appear in the filtered results.

So, are you ready to become a family-friendly hotel?


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