It’s a busy time of year. The streets are full of last minute shoppers, nog and hot toddies warm cold hands and families are travelling to see loved ones and visit warmer places.

It’s also a time of year for reflection and relaxation. A lot of us aspire to catch up on some reading and to start crafting some resolutions as well. Among them, no doubt, are ideas of how to better ourselves in the New Year.

It’s no different for the team at trivago either.

We’ve just wrapped up this year’s conferences and industry events where we worked with hoteliers like you to realise the value of a unique hotel profile; helping them to rank higher now and in 2016.  Our most recent venture concluded the other week when we sent a team to attend the annual Expedia conference. It was our first time there and the experience was incredible. We got to connect one-on-one with hotel managers from across the world.  Some of the biggest names and most familiar faces (including the trivago guy) came together to discuss travel as a global industry. We talked hotels, we talked marketing and we talked metasearch marketing for hotels while there. We discussed where we are within the industry and how now, more than ever before, metasearch  is important to hoteliers. Why? It enables owners and managers like you to rank higher via the creation of unique hotel profiles.

The best part? We shared mutual know-how with one another to achieve better positioning for ourselves and for hoteliers in the New Year.

our team at the Expedia conference included Johannes Thomas, Jose Murta, Sergio Gutierrez, and Ioannis Savvidis

For starters, travel has evolved. In today’s digital age, information comes quick. Hotels can be compared in the blink of an eye via metasearch. Currencies can be converted and language translated almost seamlessly, through digital mediums. The barriers to travel are disappearing for many people globally and the cost is becoming increasing affordable too. Big chains and independent hotels can now compete equally, online, for the global traveller’s attention and money.

And that’s why this conference was so exciting for us.  Here we were, in a big hotel, on the other side of the pond, talking to people like you, hotel owners and managers, about global travel trends and the importance of these latest trends, the hotelier’s relationship with trivago and vice versa.

If you missed the conference, we don’t want you to miss out on the learnings. So here’s a bit of a recap.

the trivago guy takes a photo with conference attendees

At trivago, hoteliers are really important to us. Why? It’s simple: we aim “to be the traveller’s first independent source of information for finding the ideal hotel at the lowest rate.” We cannot reach that goal easily without you.

The traveller has specific preferences and desires; location, dates, price range, proximity, access to Wi-Fi, and so on. These travellers are also using trivago in 55 platforms and 30+ languages around the world. And there’s a lot of them. Over 120 million, each month, searching for the perfect match, the ideal hotel. Our hotel.

To find it, they not only rely on trivago for ease of search, but also the hotel information as it is their most valuable resource. The hotel manager knows his property best. He knows its strengths, its amenities, and the current rates. No other source of information knows his hotel better than him.  We depend on these hotel details to generate the accurate, high quality results that match the traveller with their perfect property.

By working together, we help hoteliers connect with travellers from across the globe while providing comprehensive info and the best possible rates. When travellers use trivago they are able to see the hotel details, reviews and lowest rates all at once. In the past, all available pricing from OTAs were compared and the best rate shown most prominently. Now, hoteliers have the ability to post their rates directly on trivago like the OTAs do. This gets them in front of the traveller from the start while aiding us in achieving our mission: being the best independent source of hotel info for travellers.

You can see how we depend on each other to achieve this and so, we want to become an attractive marketing channel for you.  At the conference we spoke to hotel managers, like you, directly about our range of intuitive hotel marketing products, step by step education and our goal to build direct relationships with independent hoteliers.

So the question becomes, why is trivago important for hotels? Globally we’re growing. Fast. Since 2011 that growth has been over 200 %. We’ve become the world’s largest hotel search engine because we understand the traveller and we know how hotel marketing has changed. The industry has moved from the era of radio and print ads towards digital, social and mobile. Hoteliers can benefit from trivago’s vast global reach and technology by claiming their hotel’s profile for FREE on trivago Hotel Manager. Here, the hotel owner can add essential information like contact details, amenities, room specs and a list of services. This info makes your profile unique and attractive to potential guests. If you need additional marketing services, trivago also offers premium and advanced solutions that deal with reputation management and the ability to post rates directly.

It is more important than ever now to differentiate yourself from the competition. Hotel managers  who use metasearch marketing tactics can create unique hotel profiles with ease. It’s worth noting that these receive 5x as many clicks as those hotels who don’t have unique profiles. Further still, hotels that include High Quality images receive 96% of all clicks from trivago’s 120 million monthly users. The properties with unique description details listed on trivago enjoy 79% of all clicks and those leveraging the rating index get 64% of clicks.

So, this holiday season set yourself and your hotel up for success in 2016. Put aside a few moments to check out how we can help each other by registering on trivago Hotel Manager. It’s free to sign up and it can make all the difference to you hotels rank and number of clicks it receives.


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