Ever checked if your hotel is on trivago? Did you know that trivago receives your information and content directly from Online Travel Agents (OTAs)? No? Well guess what: you can be responsible of your own profile on trivago and make metasearch your best performing marketing channel.

#1 Be bookable online

If you don’t work with OTA’s and you are not bookable online, you will not appear on trivago. To improve your chances to appear within the first results on trivago work with multiple booking sites to increase visibility across international markets.

Gold Rule: Track your online performance
Sign in to your
trivago Hotel Manager account to check the traffic you are receiving from OTA’s and benchmark your rates by monitoring the prices of your competitors.

#2 Take full control of your hotel and be found

Imagine being a guest who wants to book a hotel in your destination. Have a look at your profile on trivago and ask to yourself “Would I choose this hotel? Is it the best hotel I can find?” Then look up your profile on Hotel Manager and change it accordingly. You will find the ‘’Hotel information’’ section where you can add all details of your business.

Gold Rule: Don’t be shy.
Add and change all information. Every detail you add will help you build a unique profile to make guests choose your hotel!

#3 Add representative content

In order to gain advantage over your competitors, you should give travellers an detailed impression of your business. To do so, it is necessary to add images, unique descriptions in different languages and, last but not least, update all these on a regular basis.

Gold Rule: Strive for quality and detail in your content
Add new descriptions in different languages underlining your strengths and add high quality pictures (2000 pixels).

…But do these 3 Golden Rules affect your ranking on trivago?

Have a look at this example:

a complete trivago hotel profil has rates, reputation and accurate content

It looks like a high-quality hotel profile. Here’s why (based on the conditions it meets):

Availability online: Yes

Distribution on different channels: many

Registered in tHM: Yes

High Quality images added: Yes

Descriptions added: Yes

Updated Recently: Yes

Your hotel can rank similarity. You need not spend tons in advertising either. Hotel Manager is free to all hoteliers, you can claim your profile, upload images and improve your rank.

Apply the 3 golden rules to your hotel now.

Giorgia Valagussa

Giorgia is the Global Social Media Specialist at trivago. Her expertise lay in maximizing revenue through the strategic online marketing of hotel services. In the past, she’s worked with travellers directly and on the e-commerce side of the biz. Nowadays, Giorgia develops the concepts and content for trivago’s social media channels, sharing her wealth of e-marketing knowledge with hoteliers, tweet by tweet.

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